Both meteorologically and psychologically, New Yorkers continually contend with a high pressure system. It's a city of strivers; no matter how hard you work, there's someone working harder. There's always someone richer, better looking, more successful. From the moment you leave your building, you're competing--for space on the sidewalk, the subway, trying to buy a sandwich.

I love it. When I lived in the People's Republic of Portland, I constantly felt the need to shake things up, to enliven the moody gloom of a place where it's cloudy over 200 days a year. Floyd and I may be the first people to ever move to New York City for the sunny climate. I resonate at the same frequency as the city, so I feel strangely calm here.

And a day doesn't go by when I see something fascinating in this city. Here are some of the somethings...

And another hundred people just got off of the train

Admit it, we've all had days like this

Won't he be surprised when he gets back in the truck?

Puerto Rican Day Parade 2016

Puerto Rican Day Parade 2016
Central Park Magic, no filter necessary

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